We have 2 flats available for groups of 4 or 5. Details below.

Enquiries: 07515899390 

Marchmont Flats has the best selection of high quality large flats in the popular areas of Marchmont and Bruntsfield. Please Browse.

Quite a few of our flats get taken by the Christmas break in December and we are usually fully booked by mid February.

All prices are quoted pp/pwk (accommodation only) and subject to standard terms and conditions.

AddressStatusGroup No.Weekly Rate/person
68 (1FR) Montpelier Park, EH10 4NQAvailable4£130
100 (3FR) Thirlestane Road, EH9 1ASAvailable
100 (1FR) Thirlestane Road, EH9 1ASLeased5£140
82 (2FL) Strathearn Road, EH9 2AFLeased5£140
82 (1FL) Strathearn Road, EH9 2AFLeased5£140
58 (1FL) Strathearn Road , EH9 2ADLeased4£140
187 Bruntsfield Place (3FL), EH10 4DQLeased5£140
82 (3F2) Strathearn Road, EH9 2AFLeased4£145
33 (3F2) Thirlestane Road, EH9 1ALLeased4£140
23 Polwarth Gardens (1FR), EH11 1JTLeased4£120
26 (3FL) Thirlestane Road, EH9 1AWLeased4£140
6 Rochester Terrace (F1), EH10 5AALeased5£140
6 (F3) Rochester Terrace, EH10 5AALeased5£140
6 (3FL) Spottiswoode Street, EH9 1ERLeased5£140

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All prices are quoted per person, per week. You should budget additionally for Gas and Electric Costs of around £10/week/person.

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